Kwong Yue Yang

Meet Kwong Yue Yang Even before joining Own The Room, Kwong was no stranger to public speaking. An active Toastmasters participant, Kwong has moved up to the World Championships twice, each time taking 2nd place globally (although he is determined to eventually win first place). He has spoken at events in China, Japan, Korea, Hong […]

Amy Wong

Meet Amy Wong With her curious mind and transcendental nature, Amy feeds her soul by empowering others to accomplish goals they never thought possible. Over the past eight years, Amy has successfully coached hundreds of individuals, leaders, entrepreneurs and executives in start-ups, the tech sector, universities, and non-profits. A mathematics major from UC Berkeley, Amy […]

Marie Wedderburn

Meet Marie Wedderburn Ever since 6th grade speech class, Marie has loved communicating ideas and making them come alive for others to demonstrate how people can add value to their lives. She was drawn to Own The Room’s methodology because it is fast, fun and effective. Marie has over a decade of experience working with […]