Kwong Yue Yang

Meet Kwong Yue Yang Even before joining Own The Room, Kwong was no stranger to public speaking. An active Toastmasters participant, Kwong has moved up to the World Championships twice, each time taking 2nd place globally (although he is determined to eventually win first place). He has spoken at events in China, Japan, Korea, Hong […]

Katie Wake

Meet Katie Wake Katie has a gift for taking complex professional subjects and breaking them down into pieces that people understand. Her clear, concise and engaging coaching style has allowed her to help senior leaders at top companies worldwide command the spotlight. Katie has always been interested in what happens behind the scenes to make […]

Katja Van Koten

Meet Katja Van Koten We call Katja a Coach, but she calls herself a facilitator, giving others the space, positivity, and feedback they need to find their own unique strengths. That supportive approach was influenced by something a fellow coach once said to Katja: “We always look at our perceived weaknesses and try to make […]

Rana Shanawani

Meet Rana Shanawani Rana’s favorite aspect of coaching with Own The Room is watching even the grumpiest skeptic transform into an engaged participant, learning life-changing skills within a matter of minutes and having fun while doing it. Her own experience as a speaker has taken her across the world, from Hong Kong to England, Argentina, […]

Mary Jo Romeo

Meet Mary Jo Romeo ‘Over the moon excited’ is how Mary Jo describes her feelings about joining Own The Room. In fact, nothing makes Mary Jo more exhilarated than helping leaders elevate their communication skills and watching them grow into successful speakers and leaders. She believes having the chance to be heard is an enormous […]

Ian Rennie

Meet Ian Rennie Ian’s early career – factory floors, truck yards, production lines – delivered diverse people challenges and encouraged his personal growth. ‘Connect with people, respect their opinions, engage with their needs’ is counsel Ian considers fundamental in successful outcomes with his colleagues, customers and suppliers alike. After graduating with an Honors Degree in […]

Roberto Pradilla

Meet Roberto Pradilla As one of the first members of Own The Room’s team, Roberto has watched the company evolve from a fledgling startup into the powerhouse it is today. And as the executive in charge of adapting Own The Room’s curriculum into Spanish, he has had a unique insight into how the training’s magic […]

Denise Paglia-Cole

Meet Denise Paglia-Cole Denise is a sought-after speaker whose coaching style resonates from the boardroom to the sports arena. Her career has largely focused on helping people get out of their comfort zones – from helping executives overcome obstacles in becoming better speakers to introducing average women to weight and resistance training, affecting a cultural […]