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We don’t think of our clients just as “clients.” Instead, we become an extension of your team, working with you long-term to build programs that include strategy, custom content creation, training, engagement best practices and built-in analytics that set you on a course for lasting success.

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“Own The Room has helped countless speakers play at a higher level.”​
Sheryl Sandberg
COO, Facebook
“Own The Room took us from a group of engineers who spoke without pause to a group of high performing power presenters.”​
Dani Napier
Engineering Leadership Director, Intel Global Learning
“Improving your ability to communicate will increase your potential to have impact on the world, no matter what you do. Own The Room will show you how — and they’ll make it fun.”
Reid Hoffman
Co-Founder, LinkedIn
“Own The Room provides a good mix of theory and tangible skills that are immediately applicable. But the best part of this training was watching my team learn, grow, and develop skills that will serve them at every stage of their career.”
Sheila Vashee sales coach
Sheila Vashee
Head of Marketing, Opendoor
"My time spent with Own The Room has been the best possible personal and professional investment I’ve made in myself during my entire sales career. I enjoyed my Own The Room experience so much I brought it to my whole team where the program again exceeded all expectations giving us a foundation to all use and build on every single day."
Stephanie Latham
Vice President Global Business Group, Meta
"We worked together with Own The Room for our virtual summit and we couldn’t have had a better partner for preparing our speakers in such a short time. The cooperation was smooth and straightforward and we experienced a very competent consultation, as well as professional coaches. We were able to design the speaker trainings according to our expectations and the coaches showed great flexibility regarding the individual wishes of the speakers. Thanks for the great collaboration!"
Sonja Schmidli
Communication and Project Manager, Siemens
"In the first fifteen minutes of the virtual training with Own The Room I learned more than a year working with an international communication organization. I didn't know what to expect at first, but I was really impressed by the quality of the teaching and the use of technology to involve myself and the other attendees. I would definitely recommend the virtual training sessions to people who are looking to rapidly improve their communication and presentation skills."​
Stevie Brooks
Founder and CEO, Cloud Custom​
“Own The Room has successfully conducted a 90-minute virtual training course on "Engagement and Efficiency in Virtual Meetings" for Siemens Energy Learning. The training was effective with numerous interactive elements and consistently received top marks in feedback. Participants rated the training as follows: 'great breakout sessions', 'effective', 'very engaging', 'fully engaged', 'fantastic', 'very professional'.”​
Alexa Hardtke​
Senior Consultant, Seimens Energy
“Own The Room Coaches have a great talent for demystifying the act of public speaking. Their wisdom and expertise helped me to connect with an audience in a way I never had before and actually even enjoy it!”
Molly Ringwald
Actress and Author
"Own The Room not only provides a set of useful tools to maximize the impact of your communication, but it also allows you to put it in practice and get feedback in real time. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome of the training with tangible results and it has given much more confidence. Thank you so much, Own The Room!"
Manu Quero
Media and Entertainment Manager, Google EMEA
"LOVED the Own The Room training! It was a great way to learn how to tell our story while also honing our communications skills. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and insights with all of us! I'm sure Google will reap much long term benefit! Huge thanks again for a great day and lifelong tools."​
Debbie Weinstein
Director of Brand Solutions, Google EMEA​
"Own The Room is such effective training I did it twice! Once with my peers, another time with our leaders. To see my team transform their presentation skills in to entertaining and engaging storytelling has been immensely rewarding. This is a must do program for any leader intent on themselves and their team being effective communicators."
Kristin Colville
CEO, Skyteam Delta
"I've taken a lot of leadership training classes, executive coaching sessions, etc over the course of my 18 year PwC career and this program was in a completely different stratosphere. I have an addictive personality and I am hooked, if it is any consolation. WOW!!!"
Jamie Brenner
Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers
“I found great value in our Own The Room session. I’m confident the program has had immediate impact. Personally, the evening after the training, I spent an hour incorporating many of my learnings into my team’s off-site material and saw immediate behavior change in myself!”
Kelly Hobson
Global Sales Learning, Facebook
"I thoroughly enjoyed the class on Monday and learned a great deal. I've already started employing some of the elements that I learned and look forward to using them on the "big stage". I have taken a number of presentation/ public speaking classes throughout my long career and this one was by far the best."
Marie Laxague Rosecrans
SVP of Marketing, Salesforce
“Yesterday I presented to a 200 person crowd and I leveraged a few tactics from your class. I nailed this presentation and it felt SO GOOD! Thank you for your coaching and the tactics, they really worked and it was the least nervous I’ve ever been.”
Megan Bristol
Product Marketing Manager, Instagram
"This is the best session I have ever attended. Others include a lot of improv, interaction and activities but they have no purpose. Everything that they do at Own The Room is fun, engaging and has a clear and practical purpose tied to the content."
Traci Mack
Director of Multimedia Sponsorship, ESPN
"Own The Room wowed our sales teams with innovative and powerful techniques. Their experiences are highly interactive and inclusive, even in a virtual world. They adapted to our unique business needs, creating real engagement and results. A valuable partner for taking our people to the next level!"
SallyAnn Tingle
Head of Sales Enablement, Twitch
“Own The Room makes a compelling case for storytelling as a powerful form of communication in the boardroom. They taught us that by embracing our inner child (who always loved a great story), we can leave meaningful and lasting impressions as presenters.”
Mellody Hobson
President, Ariel Investments
Get over yourself! This is fun! Own The Room is perfect for healthcare. My Coaches increased my confidence to be myself while maximizing my ability to engage and communicate effectively with my colleagues, students, and customers.”
Pamela Murphy
PhD, Administrator, Medical University of South Carolina

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