Virtual One-on-one coaching

Personal Coaching Customized
To You

Improve your communication, leadership, presentation, and other skills based on custom strategies tailored
to your personal style, industry, goals, and schedule.

The 1:1 Coaching Advantage

Are you looking for a truly individualized coaching experience? Leverage LifeHikes world-class Coaches in a confidential, flexible, 1-on-1 virtual environment.

Our Coaches provide step-by-step guidance and direct feedback to help develop the highest performing professionals. You’ll be armed with real-life knowledge and techniques that you can apply immediately. Everyone’s learning journey looks different. Your coach will move at your pace and within your time constraints to help you excel.

How It Works

Meet The Coaches

Sessions: $710/hour

Nigel Barnes

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Communication Training, People Management, Change Management, Management Coaching

ABOUT: Relaxed and approachable, Nigel has years of experience to draw on to help you find your own solutions. 


LANGUAGES: English, German

Jessica Wong

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Communication Skills and Meeting/Event Preparation

ABOUT: Are you feeling stuck? Jessica will work with you to help you gain clarity and confidence to overcome your roadblocks.


LANGUAGES: Cantonese, English, Mandarin

Jeff McHugh

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Communication Training, Media, Management, Digital Media, Social Media, Entertainment, Consumer Research, Marketing, Leadership, Human Resources

ABOUT: Jeff will leverage years of experience working as a radio and television presenter to teach you how to Own The Room using the same principles utilized by media personalities and entertainers.



Ian Rennie

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Communication Training, Big Corporate Governance, Fast Moving Logistics, International Assignments, Public Health Services, Industrial Relations, Business Performance Transformations, ‘Being’ the Culture 

ABOUT: Jargon-free engagement where Ian puts the focus on you, your passions, your outcomes.


LANGUAGES: English, Portuguese 

Katie Wake

AREAS OF EXPERTISE:  Communication Training, Panels, Media, Not-for-Profit, Pitch Development, Presentation Skills & Prep, Handling Objections, Fostering Dialogue, Coaching & Facilitation, Collaboration, Meeting Management, Memorable & Relatable Content, Gravitas with Tone & Body Language, Virtual Meeting Engagement, Feedback Culture 

ABOUT: If there’s a lot on the line, but you’re not sure what to say or how to say, Katie can help you make an impression and achieve your objective; even in your most challenging communication environments.



Martina Merslavic

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Communication Training, Management, Conveying Complex Concepts, Consultative Sales Communications, Media

ABOUT: Martina believes every interaction is a transaction and an opportunity to achieve something.  She is passionate about helping people communicate outside of their comfort zone while taking business context and outcomes into account.


LANGUAGES: Croatian, English, Slovenian

Karen Sommers

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Consultative Sales, Branding, Pitch Development, Presentation Skills & Prep, Health/Medical Industry, Entertainment Industry, Business Development, Conveying Complex Concepts, Handling Objections, Fostering Dialogue, Coaching & Facilitation, Collaboration, Meeting Management, Memorable & Relatable Content, Gravitas with Tone & Body Language, Virtual Meeting Engagement, Feedback Culture, Management

ABOUT: Karen’s motivational style will get you fired up. With action-oriented solutions, you will command the room, lead your team, climb the ranks, stand out, and elevate your professional status. 



Your Time, Your Goals, Your Improvement

This is your time to use however you’d like. Our Communication Coaches will provide structure in a confidential environment to accomplish your objectives during your session. While you are not limited to these categories, many professionals engage us for:

Is there a specific communication skill where you would like to see breakthrough? You may use this time to improve your general presentation or virtual meeting facilitation skills, tackle topics such as handling tough questions, thinking on your feet, or crafting a narrative. Receive ongoing guidance to crucial development questions: “What’s working?” “What’s not working?” “What could be better?” and “Why?”

Have an upcoming meeting, interview, speaking engagement, presentation, performance review or on-camera appearance? Learn practical public speaking tips to ease your nerves in the spotlight, command presence, create rapport with an audience, understand question and answer techniques, and even hone your specific content and delivery. 

If you’re thinking about switching jobs, you’re feeling stuck in your current position, or need a confidence boost to go for that promotion, spend time with a Coach to map out, refine and talk through your career goals and actionable next steps. We look at what is holding us back from moving forward, we examine our mindset around risk and challenges, and we embrace techniques that turn doubt and uncertainty into tangible action.

Overcome and adapt to all obstacles, be it in work or in life. Adopting a mentally agile mindset can help recognize opportunities, navigate the negative, reduce time wasted on worrying as well as increase productivity and build stronger relationships. Your Coach will teach you skills and mindsets to befriend disruption and excel in a fast-paced, continuously changing environment. 

The most effective leaders are more than just bosses; they embody a coaching mindset to help their employees navigate barriers and achieve breakthroughs. No better person than a Coach to teach these skills – you’ll learn how to improve the impact of your message, ask questions that drive to a deeper level of understanding, and empower your employees to generate (and follow through on) their own ideas and solutions.

Discover strategies (and science!) to gain respect, forge stronger relationships, increase your influence, and position yourself as an invaluable leader. Your Coach will share mindsets and techniques to help you stand out in front of any senior audience (internal and external), persuade them, and handle challenging questions and objections. You’ll be prepared to confidently communicate to anyone. 

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