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The Type of Training to Meet Your Needs

Tired of out-of-the-box training that comes pre-recorded and can’t give you the feedback you need to improve? Meet the bespoke coaching solutions from Own The Room powered by LifeHikes.

Individual training modules, full programs, and the LifeHikes ecosystem – our Virtual Instructor Led Trainings are taught by world-renowned Own The Room coaches from the comfort of your home or on the go.

1:1 coaching

The one-on-one coaching environment gives you direct feedback and step-by-step guidance for the highest performing professionals. Training is tailored to your personal style, industry, goals, and schedule.

custom options

If your organization is looking for an experience unlike any other, giving your team the competitive edge – meet our custom option. Give your leaders, sales teams, and others the power to own the room.


The Challenge of Skills Development

Why do so many organizations, executives, and leaders struggle with soft skills? There are four core obstacles that we address.

People Need Help to Develop

The need to learn and grow is a basic human desire, and is necessary for successful businesses. But growth doesn't just happen for teams. Most people need structure to succeed.

Soft Skills Are the Most Difficult

The most coveted skillset for leaders and team members are also the hardest to develop and measure in organizations. Learn to cultivate today's talent for tomorrow's needs.

Fragmented Learning Landscape

With several options available in leadership training and soft skills coaching, knowing what works and will really move the needle is harder than ever for most companies.

We Need A Learning GPS

We've created a learning ecosystem that uses our Hikes, Paths, and Loops to show you the way, measure your mileage, and help you reach the peak of your potential.

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