C-Suite Conversations

Imagine… you’ve just been asked to present your latest project or idea to the executive team. It might be next month; it might be next week; it might be… tomorrow. After your initial reaction subsides (panic? excitement?), what will you do to prepare? In C-Suite Conversations, you’ll discover mindsets and techniques to help you stand out in front of any senior audience (internal and external), persuade them to take action, and handle challenging questions and objections. You’ll be prepared to confidently communicate your ideas and work to audiences of any seniority level… any time. ​

C-Suite Conversations is a 120-minute virtual session.


  • Reframe your mindset to recognize why you are the right person to speak up
  • Focus on the headline first to create a powerful and concise presentation or pitch
  • Structure your presentation to drive your desired outcome: a second meeting, demo, decision, etc.
  • People like their own ideas best. Increase buy-in for your idea or proposal by giving your audience options 
  • Ask a follow-up question or flip the question to drive deeper understanding when you receive an objection or challenging question
  • Validate objections to demonstrate empathy and build trust before you pivot to your solutions

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