Train the Trainer

If you’ve ever participated in an Own The Room communication training, you know it’s a transformational, surprisingly fun, and highly interactive learning experience. Now, you have the opportunity to bring our unique methodology — honed over 25 years – in-house to your organization. Through our intensive and immersive Train The Trainer (T3) program, your facilitators will learn the secrets of Own The Room’s experiential methodology and become certified to deliver our eight CORE virtual training modules. If you have a large number of employees to train, T3 is a great option to bring the magic of Own The Room facilitator training to your entire organization — and unleash the potential of your team facilitators!


  • Gain a toolkit of expert facilitation techniques, questions, and activities to successfully guide any training.
  • Make training content more engaging, memorable, and relatable. 
  • Create a positive and energized group environment that encourages authentic participation and lively dialogue. 
  • Learn how to effectively handle objections, maintain group focus, and guide participants towards a shared objective.
  • Discover how to give specific, actionable feedback that helps participants reach their full potential.


  • Pre-assessment to establish skill baseline and growth areas.
  • Sixteen, 90-minute virtual training sessions, broken into two phases:
    • PHASE 1 – Facilitators experience CORE: Base + Ascent program (8sessions) as participants and begin to study training resources.
    • PHASE 2 – Facilitators take turns delivering sections of CORE: Base+ Ascent program (8 sessions) while receiving frequent and specific feedback from their Own The Room Coach.
  • Each facilitator will receive 2 hours of 1:1 coaching, spaced throughout Phases 1 and 2, for individualized reinforcement.
  • Post-assessment to quantify skill improvement.
  • Successful completion of the T3 program results in certification, which must be renewed by the 3-year mark. Certified facilitators can deliver any of the eight training modules to employees in your organization.*

*Licensing fees apply