Hike 6

As a business leader, how do you know if training programs are effective at driving growth for your team? For soft skill development in particular, do you have the data you need to identify skill gaps? Accurate and objective soft skill measurement has long eluded L&D industry experts — until now

Experience the Own The Room Hike, a new communication training program rooted in measurable impact and lasting behavior change. No matter your job function, seniority level, or industry, clear and convincing communication is fundamental to success. Through coaching tens of thousands of professionals across the globe, we’ve assessed that the average presenter in the business world is around a level 4 on a 10-point scale. We offer two Hike program options depending on the amount of skill improvement you want your team to achieve and the time commitment involved – Hike 6 is designed to move people from a level 4 to a level 6, and Hike 5 will help participants reach a level 5. Here’s what makes the Hike different from traditional training programs:


The Hike begins and ends with rigorous, science-based assessments to quantify skill growth.


LifeHikes® provides instant quantitative feedback on users’ voice range and language strength to accelerate skill improvement. Hike participants use LifeHikes to record in-session activities, submit homework, and track individual and team steps on the Hike leaderboards. After the Hike ends, participants can keep using LifeHikes to hone their skills.


Practice makes permanent. Between stages, participants complete homework exercises to practice the techniques they learn during the Hike – and earn steps along the way.


The Hike features team-based learning to foster peer accountability and collaboration (and increase the fun factor through a bit of friendly competition!).


On average, Hike 6 participants achieve a 55% improvement in their overall rating.

Reaching new levels of performance in any skill requires a significant investment of time and effort (you won’t get in shape in just one gym session!). While the Hike is an intensive experience, the reward at the top of the mountain is worth it. Your team members will finish the Hike as more confident and impactful communicators, equipped with a replicable framework they can apply to any presentation or meeting, on any subject. 


  • Demonstrate confident and adaptable virtual presence  
  • Ensure listeners retain more of your message with efficient communication that captures your audience’s attention and respect  
  • Harmonize your body language and movement with your content and tone for maximum audience impact 
  • Achieve participation from any audience, anytime, on any subject 
  • Build emotional connections that establish credibility and spark engagement