Ascent Communication Training

Just like learning a foreign language or building a new habit, changing behavior takes practice. This dynamic training builds upon the groundwork of CORE: Base, providing a deeper skill-building experience for leaders and teams ready to go beyond the fundamentals. Through a series of interactive sessions, you’ll further hone your skills and learn real-life applications to foster audience engagement, create lively dialogue, inspire curiosity, motivate action, and become a more confident and compelling speaker in any scenario.


  • Build personal connections that keep listeners engaged. 
  • Increase your influence and credibility, no matter your audience size. 
  • Inspire follow-through by making your audience (whether your team members, customers, or conference participants) feel like a valuable part of the journey.  
  • Foster emotional connections to capture attention and motivate follow-through.  
  • Develop a concise, powerful presentation using your own real-life content. 

PROGRAM OVERVIEW (Four, 90-minute sessions to be completed within 2 weeks):​

Be Memorable (90 Minutes) – Your co-workers and customers are bombarded with hundreds of messages on a daily basis. So how can you guarantee that your message stands out? Build stronger connections, spark curiosity, and hold attention by turning passive listeners into active participants every time you speak.  

Engage Your Audience (90 Minutes) – From meetings to sales calls to conference keynotes, when your listeners truly feel engaged, you’ll earn trust and inspire follow-through. During this interactive module, discover expert strategies to guarantee participation, create conversation, and drive results. 

Open & Close with Purpose (90 Minutes) – Just like a great opening scene or closing line in a movie, the way you begin and end your talk impacts whether your listeners focus or fade away. Learn expert strategies to hook your listeners, establish credibility, and craft a captivating story that captures attention and inspires follow-through. 

Two Minute Talk® Business Presentation (90 Minutes) – You have all the tools you need to be an incredible communicator. Now it’s time to bring them together so you can confidently navigate any real-world scenario. You’ll deliver a two-minute presentation to practice, improve and make your new skills feel like second nature.