Collaborative Negotiation

Use Negotiations as an opportunity

Collaborative negotiation can feel intimidating or off-putting (think: buying a car), but it’s a critical skill for building long-lasting and valuable business relationships. Be it with clients, vendors, internal customers, managers, or colleagues, negotiations are your opportunity to create value, improve relationships, and develop a reputation for fairness. Two highly interactive sessions provide the mindsets and fundamental tools to prepare for and conduct effective two-party negotiations in a variety of settings.

Program Includes Two 90-Minute Sessions

Collaborative Negotiation Part 1

Achieve your negotiation goals by learning how to strengthen your position and discern which type of negotiating strategy is best suited for each situation you're facing.

Collaborative Negotiation Part 2

The key to successful negotiation is allowing both parties to feel like they've "won." You'll gain greater insight into negotiating methodology that optimizes value and mutual benefit.


learning outcomes

  • Identify different negotiation styles (compete, collaborate, compromise, accommodate) and adapt them to every situation
  • Prepare different types of arguments (reason, exchange, assertiveness) to influence the other party and obtain what you need
  • Embrace interdependence as a tool to achieve your negotiation goals and strengthen your relationships
  • Think of ways to strengthen your position (balance power, research, improve your best alternative to a negotiated agreement) before sitting at a negotiation table

  • Identify opportunities for both parties to obtain what they need, especially when shared resources are limited
  • Use brainstorming to optimize value in any negotiation
  • Practice empathetic listening to understand the other party’s interests
  • Integrate the content to develop a methodology to prepare for and execute a real-life negotiation


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