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Individual training modules are great for those looking to test the training model or add to their existing Own The Room by LifeHikes training suite.

Training Programs & Hikes

Perfect for professionals looking to own the room and their potential. Training programs and Hikes are a curated learning experience that provide mastery of soft skills.


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Take a look at available coaching modules and programs below or contact our sales team for more information on our offerings, custom coaching options, and more.

Map out meetings virtual

Learn how to translate face-to-face skills to virtual ownership and success. We'll give you the essential skills to exude executive presence on-screen, hook listeners from the beginning, and keep everyone motivated — even when you aren’t in the same room.

AUDIENCE: Everyone

1 session : 90 minutes
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Executive Presence

Increase your influence

Master the magic formula to gain respect, forge stronger relationships, and increase your influence during any meeting or presentation, at any stage of your career.

AUDIENCE: Everyone

1 session : 90 minutes
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Own Your Power

created exclusively for women

This session will empower you to speak with strength, lead with confidence, and own your accomplishments in an assertive yet approachable way.


1 session : 90 minutes
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Consultative Selling

Foster trust that leads to loyalty

Discover powerful consultative selling techniques to deliver solutions that feel highly relevant and boost your client-partner relationships.

AUDIENCE: Everyone

1 session : 90 minutes
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Present Powerfully with Slides

Deliver memorable presentations

Learn expert communication techniques and effective slide presentation skills to deliver more confident, compelling, and memorable presentations.

AUDIENCE: Everyone

1 session : 90 minutes
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Handling Tough Questions & Objections

From objection to opportunity

Through an agile way of handling objections, you’ll discover how to address your customer’s concerns, shift their perspective from objection to opportunity, and guide them to take the action you desire.

AUDIENCE: Everyone

1 session : 90 minutes
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commit to where you want to go with a full program

Programs give you a series of sessions that are tailored specifically to helping you reach a goal. Programs are made up of our standalone sessions, ordered in a way to build on previous learnings.



A new communication training program rooted in measurable impact and lasting behavior change. No matter your job function, seniority level, or industry, clear and convincing communication is fundamental to success.

AUDIENCE: Everyone

Six or Ten, 90-minute sessions
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base communication training

The foundation of owning any room

This highly impactful training equips anyone, from entry-level professionals to seasoned CEO’s, with the skills and confidence to influence and motivate in any situation.

AUDIENCE: Everyone

Four, 90-minute sessions
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collaborative negotiation

build confidence in negotiations

Collaborative negotiation can feel intimidating or off-putting but it’s a critical skill for building long-lasting and valuable business relationships. Be it with clients, vendors, stakeholders, or colleagues, negotiations are your opportunity to create value, improve relationships, and develop a reputation for fairness.

AUDIENCE: Everyone

Two, 90-minute sessions
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Up-level your skills

When you up-level your facilitation skills, you up-level everyone in your organization. We offer three tiers of Facilitator Training to accommodate a range of learning goals.

AUDIENCE: Everyone

Tiered options
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Take a look at all of our available programs here.

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lifelong learning is our passion

Created by top communication coaches, boosted by science, and made available across platforms and unique learning experiences.

World-renowned coaches

There's a reason that the majority of our business is word of mouth - it's because people can't stop talking about our coaches! Learn more about how our people maximize your training.

Balanced Tech and human touch

Our proprietary platform combines human and technology ratings through a custom scoring system with an assessment unique to you. Get to know Delphi.

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Our blended coaching model gives you measurable changes that you can see in your professional and personal life. See how the LifeHikes app will move the needle for you.

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