It’s time to make meetings more fun, focused, and efficient.

According to Harvard Business Review, meetings have increased in length and frequency over the past 50 years…so much so that executives spend an average of 23 hours per week in them. If that sounds all too familiar, it’s time to swap the Meeting Madness for Meeting Mastery.

In this interactive 4-hour training, we challenge you to rethink the traditional format and teach you a science-based approach to make meetings shorter, more productive, and — surprise — even fun!

Here’s what you’ll learn during Meeting Mastery:

What Makes Effective Communication: During this interactive session, you’ll learn how to apply our key communication methodology so your ideas stick even after meetings are over.

Involve the Audience: Say goodbye to the glazed-over stares. You’ll practice powerful meeting openers that grab attention and keep the energy up; discover simple techniques to engage the audience, create dialogue, and achieve concrete results; and learn how to empower decision-making and build a collaborative team environment.

Map Out Meetings: It’s time to reinvent the traditional agenda! In this session, you’ll discover a new visual journey that makes meetings more fun, focused, and efficient. You’ll also learn one fundamental technique that will enable you to cut meeting time by up to 30%, and gain subtle but effective facilitation tactics that keep people focused and on track.

How many hours have you spent in meetings that weren’t an effective use of your time? Wish those meetings could be more organized, productive, and fun? We’ve got your back.

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