Communication Training Part 3 - Advanced: Summit

For the master communicators.

If you’re ready to become an expert-level communicator, ADVANCED: Summit is for you. In Part 1 of our Advanced Communication Training, you’ll build upon everything you learned in our foundational programs and gain advanced skills and practical techniques to navigate even the toughest communication challenges, from meetings and sales calls to panels and speaking engagements. Just like Parts I and II, Summit is highly energetic and interactive.

Here’s what you can expect during Summit:

Map Out Meetings: End the meeting madness once-and-for-all! Using the Red Box Method, we reinvent the traditional agenda and create a new visual journey that makes meetings more fun, focused, and efficient.

Read & React to Your Audience: Want your audience to pay attention? Then you have to create a connection. In this highly interactive session, you’ll learn the strategies expert speakers use to keep audiences engaged.

Handling Distracted Audiences: Is your audience staring off into la-la land (or, more than likely, scrolling on their phones)? Learn subtle but powerful techniques to bring the focus back to you.

Powerful Panels & Responding to Tough Questions: If you’ve ever been a moderator or a panelist, you know what a challenging environment panels can be. We’ll show you how to prepare, generate great dialogue, think on your feet, handle tough questions, and create energy that lights up the room.

Elevator Pitch: Get ready to craft your hook, line, and sinker. You’ll walk away with a three-step process to persuade any audience on any topic, idea, product, or service in just one minute.

You’ve already gone from good to great. Why not become the best? Build upon the skills you learned during our foundational trainings and become a master communicator today.

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