Communication Training Part 2 - Core: Ascent

Take your communication skills to the next level.

CORE: Ascent is Part 2 of our Foundational Communication Training, building upon everything you learned during CORE: Base. During this one-day training, you’ll learn advanced communication techniques and strategies to take your meetings, presentations, and career to the next level. As with all Own The Room trainings, Ascent is incredibly interactive, supportive, and hands-on.

Here’s what you can expect during Ascent:

Powerfully Concise & Better Questions: Being a great communicator doesn’t always mean talking the most. Learn how to be concise and ask powerful, short questions to drive the conversation, meeting, or presentation forward.

Engage the Audience: You already know how to connect. Now it’s time to get your listeners involved. You’ll learn simple strategies that inspire participation from any audience, anytime, on any subject.

Imagine Your Opening & Close with Action: If you don’t capture your listeners’ attention at the very beginning, how can you expect them to focus until the end? We’ll share three powerful techniques to reel them in from the start and four simple strategies that will inspire your listeners to take action at the end.

Business Presentation: During Ascent, you’ll actually deliver a presentation from your own work, integrating the skills you’ve learned and getting expert feedback to make it better.

Are you ready to take your communication skills to the next level? Continue your journey with Ascent.

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