Sales Catalyst

As a customer-facing team member, you are not only a direct reflection of your company, you’re often a customer’s first impression. Yet in today’s fast-paced, competitive landscape, there is a growing list of challenges with every customer interaction. Customers have more information and less time than ever before. Sales teams must tackle large quotas with limited resources. And increased competition means increased pressure on both sides of the conversation.

How will you navigate — and overcome — these challenges?

Sales Catalyst by Own The Room is a sales training seminar that empowers customer-facing professionals to influence, connect, and communicate with customers in a highly impactful way.

This transformative training program is about more than sales. It’s about building a stronger human connection. A connection that instills trust and leads to customer loyalty. A connection that opens up new business opportunities. A connection that increases talent retention and boosts your bottom line.

And it works. Our expert sales coaches have helped customer-facing leaders around the world achieve new levels of success, from industry newcomers seeking strategies to excel, to senior VPs ready to refine their approach and stay ahead of the curve.  

This highly interactive and impactful program enables you to:

  • Feel empowered, no matter your experience level, to create a winning first impression.
  • Gain the confidence, structure, and strategies to take calculated risks and go after new business.
  • Push your limits and achieve new levels of success in any customer-facing scenario.
  • Refine and enhance your existing strengths, gain fresh perspectives, and open up new opportunities for personal and company growth, in a safe, no-pressure, and fun environment.
  • Gain communication techniques and tools that you can apply to any internal sales methodology.


Fundamentals Circuit: The world’s best athletes and performers all know: better skills lead to better results. Fundamentals Circuit helps you push beyond your comfort zone to create meaningful, long-term relationships, grow your customer base, and level-up in your career. This fast-paced, hands-on, circuit styled session teaches you essential sales fundamentals and builds the foundation for a powerful and productive day.

Consultative Selling: We buy from people and organizations we trust. In this interactive session, you’ll discover powerful techniques to better understand your customer, deliver solutions that feel highly relevant, personal, and timely, and foster a level of trust that leads to loyalty…and referrals.

Lead with Insight: Want to increase your relevance, build credibility, and close more deals? Bring your customer on an exciting journey where choosing your solution makes them the hero. By creating a powerful and highly relevant narrative around your solution, you’ll build credibility and communicate more effectively, and your customer will feel confident that they’ve picked the best solution from the best partner.

Agile Thinking & Secure Commitment: If fear, hesitation, and uncertainty were removed from every customer interaction, imagine what your quota (and your career) would look like. This hands-on module equips you with expert techniques to steer even the most challenging deal towards “yes.” You’ll discover how to confidently prevent and handle your customer’s concerns, shift their perspective from objection to opportunity, and guide them to take the action you desire.

Sales Pitch: Build on the day’s techniques to develop a powerful narrative that legitimizes your value, increases your credibility, and fosters immediate action and long-term loyalty. In this custom role-play activity, you’ll have an opportunity to practice conversational pitching in a comfortable setting and receive real-time guidance from your sales coach and peers.

Ready to take your sales conversations to the next level?

High-performing sales organizations are twice as likely to provide ongoing training as low-performing ones. Ready to sell with the best-of-the-best?