Influence Your Client

Learning Path

For client-facing professionals

As a client-facing team member, you are not only a direct reflection of your company, you’re often a client’s first impression. The Influence Your Client path will enable you to communicate with influence to drive results and build trust with your clients. You’ll learn to speak with confidence and clarity, ask the right questions to discover your client’s true needs, paint pictures with data, and adapt quickly to conversational curveballs. After participating in this learning path, you’ll achieve new levels of success in any client-facing scenario.

Session 1

Executive Presence & Authentic ConnectionsConfidence and authenticity lead to trust, trust fosters connection, and connection inspires action. Master this magic formula to gain respect, forge stronger relationships, and increase your influence during any meeting or presentation, at any stage of your career. In this hands-on module, you’ll discover strategies (and science!) to overcome public speaking fear and position yourself as an invaluable leader.

Dynamic Delivery – As the saying goes, “content is king.” But when it comes to communication, your tone of voice, body language, and delivery greatly impact whether or not your content will stick. In this module, you’ll discover how to convey confidence, gain credibility, capture attention, and deliver more effective messages using subtle but powerful voice modulation and non-verbal communication skills.

Session 2

Fundamentals Circuit – The world’s best athletes and performers all know: better skills lead to better results. Fundamentals Circuit helps you push beyond your comfort zone to create meaningful, long-term relationships, grow your customer base, and level-up in your career. This fast-paced, hands-on, circuit styled session teaches you essential fundamentals and builds the foundation for a powerful and productive day.

Consultative SellingWe buy from people and organizations we trust. In this interactive training session, you’ll discover powerful consultative selling techniques to better understand your customer, deliver solutions that feel highly relevant, personal, and timely, and foster a level of trust that leads to loyalty…and referrals.

Session 3

Read & React To Your Audience: Are your listeners truly listening, or are they scrolling on their phones, checking emails, and thinking about what they have to do after you’re done talking? Whether you’re leading a meeting or giving a conference talk, one of the best ways to capture attention is by acknowledging your audience members. In this interactive module, you’ll learn subtle yet powerful eye contact and name recollection techniques that cultivate energy, increase trust, and keep every listener engaged from beginning to end.

Agile Thinking – If fear, hesitation, and uncertainty were removed from every customer interaction, imagine what your quota (and your career) would look like. Agile Thinking is focused solely on handling objections. You’ll discover how to confidently prevent and handle your customer’s concerns and shift their perspective from objection to opportunity. 

Are you ready for your team – and your company – to thrive?