Facilitate With Impact

Learning Path

For trainers and facilitators

Gain the skills to unlock your potential as a facilitator with Own The Room’s facilitation training. During Facilitate With Impact, you will learn new facilitation techniques to actively engage any group and create transformational learning experiences. This learning path provides a robust toolkit of coaching-style techniques and methodologies to foster dialogue and guide your listeners towards success. You’ll learn expert techniques to turn passive listeners into active participants every time you facilitate, and to build trust, gain credibility, and strengthen relationships with your audience. At the conclusion of this path, you’ll have shifted your mindset from “I’m responsible for great content” to “I’m responsible for great dialogue.”

Session 1

Executive Presence & Authentic ConnectionsConfidence and authenticity lead to trust, trust fosters connection, and connection inspires action. Master this magic formula to gain respect, forge stronger relationships, and increase your influence during any meeting or presentation, at any stage of your career. In this hands-on module, you’ll discover strategies (and science!) to overcome public speaking fear and position yourself as an invaluable leader.

Dynamic Delivery – As the saying goes, “content is king.” But when it comes to communication, your tone of voice, body language, and delivery greatly impact whether or not your content will stick. In this module, you’ll discover how to convey confidence, gain credibility, capture attention, and deliver more effective messages using subtle but powerful voice modulation and non-verbal communication skills.

Session 2

Engage Your Audience – From meetings to sales calls to conference keynotes, when your listeners truly feel engaged, you’ll earn trust and inspire follow-through. During this interactive module, discover expert strategies to guarantee participation, create conversation, and drive results.

Leveraging Stories – Storytelling is a great tool to teach and connect with your audience in a genuine and engaging way. In this module, we will discuss various circumstances where you would want to use stories in your trainings. You will learn storytelling best practices, from how much detail you should reveal to ideal story cadence and duration.

Map Out Modules – As a facilitator, you have a lot of content to teach, but what is the best way to organize and present it? Learn how to open and close a module, how to engage your audience throughout and keep an eye on the larger purpose: what your audience needs to learn.

Session 3

Powerfully Concise & Better Questions – Whether you are a manager conducting a job interview or a sales lead working with a customer, a crucial component of being an effective and concise communicator is being a good listener. In this module, you will learn active listening and questioning techniques to extract crucial information, read any audience, and drive the conversation, meeting, or presentation forward.

Handling Distracted Audiences – Bring the focus back to you whenever people are looking at their phones, talking to others, or letting their minds drift. Instead of calling attention to a distracted team member, in this module, you will learn non-aggressive techniques that assume good intent and serve the entire group without making anyone feel isolated.

Facilitation Practice – Practice your real-world content (what you facilitate) with the new facilitation techniques you have learned.

Are you ready for your team – and your company – to thrive?