Engage With Stories

Learning Path

For everyone, especially people who present often

Neuroscience research suggests that the human brain responds differently to stories than other types of information – stories are more engaging, memorable, and create an emotional connection to the subject matter. Unlock the power of stories to enhance business outcomes during Own The Room’s Engage With Stories path. You will learn the components of a great story and practice applying these to different content, while using your voice and personality to captivate your audience. You’ll come away from the learning path knowing how and when to use stories to influence and inspire in a variety of business settings.

Session 1

Executive Presence & Authentic ConnectionsConfidence and authenticity lead to trust, trust fosters connection, and connection inspires action. Master this magic formula to gain respect, forge stronger relationships, and increase your influence during any meeting or presentation, at any stage of your career. In this hands-on module, you’ll discover strategies (and science!) to overcome public speaking fear and position yourself as an invaluable leader.

Dynamic Delivery – As the saying goes, “content is king.” But when it comes to communication, your tone of voice, body language, and delivery greatly impact whether or not your content will stick. In this module, you’ll discover how to convey confidence, gain credibility, capture attention, and deliver more effective messages using subtle but powerful voice modulation and non-verbal communication skills.

Session 2

Be MemorableYour co-workers and customers are bombarded with hundreds of messages on a daily basis. So how can you guarantee that your message stands out? Build stronger connections, spark curiosity, and hold attention by turning passive listeners into active participants with every message you share. Through a series of on-camera exercises, you’ll collaborate with a small team to communicate in a more memorable and relatable way. As an added bonus, the group dynamic of this Module will immediately improve your day-to-day work, strengthening collaboration, efficiency, and team morale.

Why Stories Work –  You’ve prepared the bulleted slide presentation that you thought would wow the crowd, but the audience is not connecting at all.  Storytelling is the solution to this disconnect. Learn the brain science behind why audiences respond to stories and how strong language can make them even more powerful.

Tell Captivating StoriesStories are how we naturally communicate, learn, and connect. Think about your favorite book or movie. There’s a captivating beginning, a bit of exciting build-up, and a journey that carries you from beginning to end. In this module, you’ll discover how to transform any presentation, meeting, or phone call into a captivating journey that builds trust, increases connection, and keeps your listener engaged from start-to-finish.

Session 3

Structure Your Story  – Why is it so difficult to create a story from nothing? Because you have no structure. Using Pixar Studios’ storytelling rules as a guiding example, you’ll learn a proven structure to build a short, concise, and effective story for your business case studies and client success stories.

Open & Close With Purpose – You can craft the most compelling opening line, but if you don’t close with purpose, will anyone follow-through? On the other hand, you might have an inspiring closing thought, but if you didn’t capture attention at the beginning, will anyone hear you? Your opening and closing moments are critical to an effective talk — both impact how you’re perceived and whether your listeners focus or fade away.

Storytelling Practice – Apply the communication skills and storytelling techniques you learned and practice telling different types of stories, while receiving Coach and peer feedback.

Are you ready for your team – and your company – to thrive?