Customized Solutions

While our standard programs are applicable across industries and have global appeal, we understand that organizations often need a more tailored solution. Perhaps you’re launching a new business, navigating a complex sales process, or needing to work through organizational issues. Whatever the case, if your team has a challenge not addressed in our core programs, we’ll gladly tailor our workshops and develop custom exercises that focus on your unique needs.

Below are additional training topics and services we offer on a customized basis. For more information, please contact


Change Management – Leaders set the tone for their team during times of organizational change or turmoil. Learn how to communicate through change to boost the morale, psychological safety, and productivity of your team members while they adapt to new organizational goals or structures.

New Manager Development – During this program, new managers will learn how to:

  • Set priorities and manage time and energy
  • Deliver difficult messages and channel conflict in a professional way
  • Manage people remotely
  • Build trust and a good reputation up and down the org chart
  • Build a team, motivate and recognize people, structure their jobs for success, and evaluate everyone with data and metrics…while still maintaining a human touch

Strategic Planning – Learn how to use strategic planning to lead a team to make an impact on your organization. Through role-plays, learn how to analyze a problem or opportunity quickly and then get to the root of a problem or solution fast. Develop real-world strategies building on actual business case studies from real companies as well as those we create for your company. By the end of the program, participants will have a framework, mindset, and skill to develop a strategic plan for anything.

Collaboration – Knowing how to collaborate and work better together is essential to getting any person or team to higher levels of productivity and growth. We all have strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots. We will help you identify these so you can find your best self and grow in a way that helps others grow too.

Media – Conquer media interviews, be they TV, print or podcasts, with a confident and clear message. Get time on the “hot seat” to practice handling difficult scenarios and learn techniques for:

  • Communicating in a panel environment
  • Delivering a memorable key message
  • Projecting executive presence during media interactions
  • Handling tough questions from a journalist

Facilitation Services – Looking for an outside professional to facilitate your next company offsite, client meeting, or brainstorming/strategy session? Own The Room Coaches are experts in facilitating dialogue to drive decision-making and results. We’ll work with you to create a custom facilitation plan with your content which our Coaches will then use to lead your event.

Has your organization been struggling to solve unique learning & development challenges? Own The Room’s program customization is the solution you’ve been searching for.

Companies you know and trust put their trust in us to build a training for their team!