Communication Training Part 2 - Core: Ascent

Bring your core communication skills to the real-world.

You already understand the foundations of strong communication, but what if you could take your skills to the next level? The moment you advance your communication skills from “good” to “great,” you’ll see a powerful shift in the way your messages are delivered…and heard.

CORE: Ascent is your chance to make that shift. This dynamic communication training builds upon the groundwork of CORE: Base, providing a deeper skill-building experience for leaders and teams ready to go beyond the fundamentals. Through a series of interactive modules, you’ll further hone your skills and learn real-life applications to foster audience engagement, create lively dialogue, inspire curiosity, motivate action, and become a more confident and compelling speaker in any scenario.

Just like learning a foreign language or building a new habit, changing behavior takes practice. CORE: Base gets you comfortable with the essentials; CORE: Ascent empowers you to climb closer to mastery. Together, it’s a transformative two-day experience that leads to long-lasting results.

Here’s what you can expect during the Ascent communication training program:

Read & React To Your Audience: Are your listeners truly listening, or are they scrolling on their phones, checking emails, and thinking about what they have to do after you’re done talking? Whether you’re leading a meeting or giving a conference talk, one of the best ways to capture attention is by acknowledging your audience members. In this interactive module, you’ll learn subtle yet powerful eye contact and name recollection techniques that cultivate energy, increase trust, and keep every listener engaged from beginning to end. 

Engage Your Audience: When you feel like you’re part of something, suddenly it matters more. You pay attention. You remember. You take action. This same principle applies in communication. From meetings to sales calls to conference keynotes, when your listeners truly feel engaged, you’ll earn trust and inspire follow-through. During this interactive module, discover expert strategies to guarantee participation, create conversation, and drive results. 

Open & Close with Purpose: You can craft the most compelling opening line, but if you don’t close with purpose, will anyone follow-through? On the other hand, you might have an inspiring closing thought, but if you didn’t capture attention at the beginning, will anyone hear you? Your opening and closing moments are critical to an effective talk — both impact how you’re perceived and whether your listeners focus or fade away. In this interactive module, you’ll learn exactly how to hook your listeners, establish credibility, and craft a captivating story that inspires action.  

Two-Minute Talk® Business Presentation: Now that you have all the tools you need to be an incredible communicator, it’s time to put them into practice. In this final module, you’ll deliver a presentation about your own work on-camera, integrating various techniques from the day, gaining in-person feedback from your coaches and colleagues, and practicing in a safe setting so you can navigate real-world scenarios with confidence.


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