Connect & Coach for Managers

Think back on the best boss you’ve ever had. You probably remember them fondly because they were more than just a “boss,” going beyond the to-do lists and daily marching orders to create an environment for you to learn, grow, and thrive. 

Successful people managers are more than just bosses; they embody a coaching mindset to motivate, develop, and connect meaningfully with their direct reports. Whether you are delivering tough feedback, helping your employees achieve their professional goals, or learning to navigate diverse work and communication styles, Own The Room’s Connect & Coach for Managers equips you with skills and techniques to create a foundation of trust and respect, strengthen manager/employee relationships, and foster a culture of growth. 

Through a series of five interactive modules, you’ll learn proven coaching-style questions, techniques, and mindset shifts to help each member of your team reach their full potential.

Here’s a quick look at what you will learn with help from our world-class communication coaches:

Manager Essentials: Discover the foundational managerial skills and techniques you’ll need to foster open, honest, and productive conversations with each person on your team. 

Connect With Your People: As a manager, your words are powerful – they set the tone for interactions with your team. Learn how to speak concisely and thoughtfully to improve the impact of your message, ask questions that drive to a deeper level of understanding, and empower your employees to generate (and follow through on) their own ideas and solutions. 

Coach & Mentor: The most effective managers are more than just bosses; they embody a coaching mindset to help their employees navigate barriers and achieve breakthroughs. In this module, you’ll learn the proven coaching methodology we use to bring people to the next level, as well as a simple framework to transform employee reviews and real-time feedback into supportive and motivating interactions. 

Deliver Difficult Messages: An important but uncomfortable part of being a people manager is delivering difficult feedback about your employee’s performance or behavior. Whether you’re navigating an issue between team members or hoping to break through a hangup with a top performer, learn how to communicate tough news directly and clearly while creating a forum for collaborative problem solving that inspires each employee towards better work.

Plan For Your People: In this final module, you’ll integrate learnings from the day through either a real-life or simulated coaching conversation with a direct report. You will practice active listening, delivering a difficult message, coaching, and inspiring a commitment/action from your employee. Following the conversation, you and your peers will share what worked, what you learned, and how you can continue to apply these tools to foster a thriving team culture. 

Are you ready for your team – and your company – to thrive?

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