Communicate With Slides

Think back to the last slide presentation you witnessed. Perhaps the presenter read directly off the slides. Maybe the slides had too much information or a cluttered design. Or worse, did technical difficulties cause the entire talk or meeting to go awry? 

Whether you’re speaking at conferences, leading team meetings, or pitching to a potential client, slide presentations are an essential communication tool for sharing important information to your audience. But delivering a slide presentation effectively – one that engages rather than distracts and motivates rather than bores – requires more than just a few pictures and graphs. 

We developed Communicate With Slides to help you harness the power of expert communication and presentation techniques AND effective slide presentation skills to deliver more confident, compelling, and memorable presentations, no matter the setting. 

During Communicate With Slides, you will learn proven verbal and non-verbal communication techniques that strengthen relationships with customers, encourage a collaborative team environment, increase efficiency, and expand your influence. You’ll also discover how to craft more effective presentations through slide deck storyboarding, visual tricks, audience engagement, and storytelling. This interactive presentation training includes the development of slides and decks with whichever presentation tool you prefer (Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Presenter, Google Slides, or other presentation software).  

Here’s a quick look at what you will learn with help from our world-class communication Coaches:

Executive Presence & Authentic Connections Confidence and authenticity lead to trust, trust fosters connection, and connection inspires action. Master this magic formula to gain respect, forge stronger relationships, and increase your influence during any meeting or presentation, at any stage of your career. In this hands-on module, you’ll discover strategies (and science!) to overcome fear, position yourself as an invaluable leader, and leverage slides to complement your delivery and strengthen your credibility. 

Present Powerfully With Slides – Your co-workers and customers are bombarded with hundreds of messages on a daily basis. So how can you guarantee that your message stands out? Through a series of interactive exercises, you’ll discover how to transform any presentation or meeting into a captivating journey, using slides to create memorable context, increase your influence, and move towards a common goal. 

Engage Your Audience – When you feel like you’re part of something, suddenly it matters more. You pay attention. You remember. You take action. This same principle applies in communication. From meetings to sales calls to conference keynotes, when your listeners truly feel engaged, you’ll earn trust and inspire follow-through. During this interactive module, discover how to leverage slides to spark curiosity, facilitate participation, and drive meaningful conversation. 

Two Minute Talk® Business Presentation – Now that you have all the tools you need to be an incredible communicator, it’s time to put them into practice. In this final module, you’ll create a slideshow and deliver a presentation about your own work on-camera, integrating various techniques from the day, gaining in-person feedback from your communication coaches and colleagues, and practicing in a comfortable setting so you can navigate real-world scenarios with confidence.

Ready to harness the power of expert communication techniques AND effective slide presentation skills?

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