Meet Yingying Li

Yingying Li describes herself in one word: mission-driven. The moment she witnessed an Own The Room seminar, she could feel her eyes sparkle with enthusiasm. After growing up in traditional Chinese culture, where the power of public speaking is not harnessed the same way it is in the U.S., Yingying realized her laser-beam focused mission in life was to empower people to speak up and become the world-class communicators they want to be.

Yingying has a decade of experience working as a cross-cultural management coach and consultant. She was a lecturer of Chinese language and culture in Brazil, a business development strategist for Alibaba Sports (China) and Ronaldo Academy (Brazil), and also a project manager at AIESEC (world’s largest student organization) in India and Turkey. Over the course of her career, Yingying has coached and advised more than 500 executives from three continents. She also serves as a business development executive and correspondent for Caixin Global (part of China’s most influential financial media group), where her acumen of media and diverse cross-cultural background allow her to empathize with, and successfully train, people across all cultures.

Born and raised in China, Yingying currently resides in San Francisco. She is fluent in Mandarin and Portuguese. Yingying enjoys travel, playing Chinese flute, and she can make a mean bowl of Hulatang (spicy pepper soup).

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