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Meet Terry Bond

When coaching, Terry engages participants by drawing on his extensive career running media companies, sharing insights from his own work at the executive level. In trainings and one-on-one sessions, he helps professionals improve their communication techniques to wow their bosses, customers and investors.

As a media professional, Terry progressed from being a small-town disc jockey to overseeing $200 million in assets as Chief Executive Officer and partner. He has launched three companies and is presently CEO of Go Entertainment Corp. and its subsidiaries, running sales trainings and seminars to help media companies grow their revenue. Previously, he served as President and CEO of Double O Radio and Roberts Radio, media companies with operation oversight of 67 radio stations in twenty-two cities.

In his spare time, Terry is always on the move, whether navigating a biplane from Key West to within 2 miles of Cuba, sailing the West Indies, flying a hot air balloon over the mountains in Tennessee, or remodeling a family home in Virginia. He is also a car enthusiast and drag racer. When he isn’t traveling, Terry resides in Charleston, South Carolina.

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