Meet Sophie Nemethy

Graphic Designer

At Own The Room, we believe that communication doesn’t just happen through words. Sometimes visual tools, whether it’s color theory or type-hierarchy, are the most powerful way to emphasize an idea. As our lead graphic designer, Sophie uses her creative expertise to bring our programs and mission to life.

From tiny logos to 40-foot paintings, Sophie has always loved to create. After graduating from Kent State Honors College with a degree in Advertising, she used her talents to launch award-winning marketing campaigns with two Cleveland creative agencies. In 2011, Sophie founded The Creative Canopy, a design and strategy firm that helps companies of all sizes develop a strong brand identity. She’s also an accomplished muralist; along with a fellow artist, she launched The Color Chemists, an arts organization that has designed and painted several large-scale commercial murals around the Charleston, South Carolina area.

Sophie is a true global citizen; she’s traveled to over fifteen countries, lived in cities around the world, and currently calls Budapest, Hungary home (she’s fluent in Hungarian)! When she’s not exploring new places, you can often find Sophie drawing, painting, or whipping up her grandmother’s famous blueberry pie.

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