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Meet Simran Dua

A published poet at the age of 13, Simran is an advocate for self-expression. In her early years, it manifested in the form of poetry until she discovered story-telling and took a course in public speaking in college where she uncovered a superpower. In Simran’s words, “To empower someone to tell a story and it be heard without creating an unintentional barrier is a type of freedom.” Today, she strives to equip individuals with public speaking as a superpower and a new type of freedom in each client engagement.

In addition to being a part of the Own The Room team, Simran currently leads an omnichannel retail program at Amazon where she works with organizations to seamlessly transition customers between physical and digital experiences. She was previously the product lead on Kindle, helping to launch a new way to share and connect over books. Prior to joining Amazon, Simran started her career in investment banking at JPMorgan Chase. She worked on financings that advanced growth plans for government agencies, universities, healthcare systems, and nationwide nonprofits. She transitioned her career from finance to consumer insights at Unilever where she served on the Dove Beauty team and helped launch a global hand-washing campaign for Lifebuoy soap in partnership with the Ghanaian government.

Simran holds a BS from New York University and MBA from Yale University and is a guest lecturer at her alma maters on product management and entrepreneurship. She also mentors startup founders on stage presence and investor pitches. Ask her about the time she quit her job and bought a one way ticket to Buenos Aires; six countries, two passports, four summits, three episodes of bed bugs and seven months later, she returned to the US with stories to last a lifetime.


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