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Meet Salvatore Manzi

As a child watching his father speak at conferences around the country, Salvatore learned firsthand how one person’s vision can inspire others. It certainly inspired him; from communications coaching and team-building, to mindfulness and leadership, he’s spent over two decades helping others find their authentic voice and potential.

After receiving his BS in Business Communications from the University of Kansas, Salvatore worked in travel and special events. Soon after, he began working as a management and team-building coach, helping leaders at organizations like Facebook, Dropbox, and Gap leverage mindfulness, goal-setting and communication to foster more collaborative, productive work environments. Salvatore also facilitates Diversity & Inclusion events for small and large organizations and is trained in Liberating Structures, Gallup Strengthsfinder, Visions Diversity & Inclusion Systems, and Non-Violent Communication.

His ability to lead and inspire doesn’t just happen in the boardroom. Trained in Vipassana meditation, Alexander Technique, and Ashtanga Yoga, Salvatore also owned and operated Prana Urban Healing Lounge, a healing arts center in San Francisco for eight years. Now, he finds zen through his three obsessions: chocolate, coffee and redwoods. You’ll often find him hiking off-trail with a cup of light-roast Jamaican Blue Mountain and a single-origin 79% dark chocolate.

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