Meet Peter Kaperick

Peter Kaperick has seen firsthand the power of communication to transform lives. As a therapist, he’s passionate about helping people express their truth to achieve healing and growth. As a Communications Coach with Own The Room, he leverages that same level of empathy and support to help participants unlock the skills and confidence they need to create positive change in their professional and day-to-day lives.

Peter has over 30 years experience in the mental health field, working as a psychotherapist for nonprofits and in private practice. A significant focus of his work has involved helping people find their voice and working with individuals, families and organizations to develop healthy and respectful communication habits. Peter holds a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Social Work from Saint Louis University.

When he is not coaching or counseling, Peter enjoys playing ultimate frisbee (his team traveled to the national championships eight times and won the title several years ago!). While he doesn’t have an accent, Peter lived in New Zealand for four years as a child. He currently resides in the Seattle area.



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