Meet Micky Lazic

Micky believes that businesses thrive when they focus on people first – both their customers and employees. As a Coach, she loves helping teams be their best selves, becoming better equipped to deliver their finest performance in their day-to-day work.

Helping people succeed has been a theme throughout Micky’s career. After working spending time abroad teaching business English in southern Turkey, she returned to New York to serve as a regional head of training for Lululemon, providing personal development and leadership training to managers and staff at New York’s retail locations. Recently, she launched MK Metrics, a consulting practice to improve companies talent retention, L&D programing, and operation in accordance with their core values.

Micky is a former dancer who has performed competitively and worked in musical theatre in Charleston. She shares a passion for cars with her husband and this is reflected in their business, Function First Performance. She resides in Charleston, SC with her husband and three dogs.

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