Meet Lisa Michelangeli

As a child, Lisa knew she had an innate curiosity for understanding those around her. While the beginning of Lisa’s career included a brief stint as a chemical Sales Manager, Lisa was truly able to put her passion into practice as an industrial/organizational psychologist. In this role, Lisa was able to aid people and companies through developing leadership skills, coaching, and psychometric assessments.

Originally from the UK, Lisa completed her Masters degree in I/O psychology at the University of Manchester. Since obtaining her Masters degree and becoming a Charted Organizational Psychologist in 2008, Lisa has accumulated 15+ years of experience both in consultancy with companies such as T-Mobile, Toyota and NHS England, as well as in-house roles. Lisa is also an accomplished NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner.

After moving from the UK to California only six years ago, Lisa has discovered that she loves to take advantage of the sunshine and outdoors that California has to offer. She believes that this environment helps her maintain a sense of perspective- especially while balancing her impressive career, her three boys, and her love for finding and/or cooking delicious foods!


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