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Meet Lidia Arshavsky

Growing up bilingual and juggling several cultures, Lidia has seen the impact of strong communication (and its opposite) firsthand. As a result, she was driven to build a career helping people understand each other more clearly. At Own The Room, she teaches strategies that allow participants to command attention across all cultures.

As a cross-cultural communications specialist, Lidia helped numerous companies and organizations, from Egypt’s top entertainment startup to a premier Russian market research firm, connect with a global audience. She later launched a career coaching consultancy, providing guidance to professionals and executives from around the world on advancing their U.S. careers. She is a graduate of Oberlin College and American University, and a Fulbright Teaching Fellowship recipient.

Lidia’s love of travel and languages led her to reside in France, Russia, Mexico, Spain, and all across the U.S., before settling in the New York area. Outside of work, she can be found coaching TEDx speakers, providing career mentorship to recent immigrants, and cooking up four-course dinners for her friends. She is fluent in English, Russian and French.

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