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Meet Joanne Chan

Whether explaining molecular genetics to healthcare professionals or reading bedtime stories to thirty toddlers, Joanne constantly looks for creative approaches to connect with audiences in a way that is gratifying and fun – and Own The Room allows her to help professionals around the world do the same.

Joanne advanced from serving as a researcher to carrying out marketing and corporate strategy at Siemens Healthcare, leading a new team from the ground up as Head of Marketing in Southeast Asia, and ultimately advancing to become Director of Global Marketing. These experiences challenged her to communicate creatively and effectively when interacting with stakeholders from a range of cultures, in discussing minutiae in microbiology or worldwide communications strategies.

Joanne grew up in Hong Kong, where she won the Hong Kong open tennis competition at the age of 10. Throughout her career, she has resided in the U.S., Germany and Singapore, and her volunteer work took her to South Africa and Uganda, where she volunteered at schools and orphanages. She loves snowboarding, tennis, and soccer (and has attended the soccer world cup twice: in Brazil and South Africa).

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