Meet Jessica Wong


Jessica’s quest for effective communication began when she was just 22 years-old. In her final presentation during her management trainee program at IBM in London, she found her voice shaking, mind racing, and shoulders hunched. Rather than shying away from public speaking, the experience inspired her to improve and go onto helping others do the same.

After a stint in hospitality management in Hong Kong, Jessica pursued her calling and became a certified communication and leadership coach. In the last seven years, she’s coached leaders at global organizations like Unilever, GE and Novartis to help them reach sales goals, present to 1000+ person audiences, and build stronger cultures through effective communication. Word of mouth brought her the opportunity to work with UNHCR. She enjoys being able to contribute to the refugee crisis in Venezuela indirectly. Jessica holds a BA in Art History from University College London.  

Despite her impressive CV, Jessica is most proud of helping women around the world gain confidence and communication skills to pursue their dreams. She discovered her own self-confidence through travel; in 2012, Jessica, who didn’t speak a word of Spanish, moved to Colombia, ended up living there for five years and started a travel blog called One Chinese in Colombia. The blog now operates as a travel tour company. Outside work, she can be found perfecting her handstand and doing yoga. Jessica coaches in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

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