Meet Dmitriy Guzner

Senior Manager, Technology Product Management

Dmitriy’s love of planning and strong focus on details shaped his growth at Own The Room, catapulting him from an initial role as the company’s part-time graphic designer to his current position as Senior Production Services Manager.

At Own The Room, Dmitriy has produced events ranging from small, intimate seminars to trainings for hundreds of people, including many PREMIER Events. He has also worked on special projects such as Laureate online courses, and has helped numerous customers customize agendas and content to ensure their teams got maximum benefit. Before Own The Room, Dmitriy worked at a graphic t-shirt company, overseeing designs and working with factories to get them printed, as well as the IT and event services department of Montclair State University.

Born in Moscow to a family of graphic artists and relocating to Brooklyn at the age of three, Dmitriy does not remember what he was fluent in first – English or Photoshop. He is passionate about visual design (winning an animation contest in college), and plays several musical instruments. He lives in Upstate New York with his wife and two daughters.

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