Meet Denise Paglia-Cole

Denise is a sought-after speaker whose coaching style resonates from the boardroom to the sports arena. Her career has largely focused on helping people get out of their comfort zones – from helping executives overcome obstacles in becoming better speakers to introducing average women to weight and resistance training, affecting a cultural shift to make the sport mainstream.

Denise began her career as a globally-ranking fitness competitor and quickly became a highly-requested speaker and spokesperson, traveling across Japan, Europe and North America to represent top brands and speak to large audiences, from physicians to U.S. military members. She was later selected to host and write for ESPN’s Fitness Beach (viewed in 50 million homes at its peak), allowing her to impact audiences all over the world.

Denise has worked with numerous celebrities, from actors to well-known athletes and even a presidential candidate. She resides in New Jersey with her daughter, and loves to travel – from relaxing with her family in Italy to braving shark-infested waters in South Africa.


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