Meet David Kane

It started in second grade. Timid and nervous about delivering a presentation to new classmates, a well-timed quipped transformed his peers from scary strangers to cheering chums. That moment opened David to the confidence and empowerment that public speaking can bring. Today, his greatest satisfaction is helping others to overcome their fears and discover the power of being authentically themselves.

As a presentation coach, creative director, and writer, David has worked with a broad array of industries and companies including American Express, The Hershey Company, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer. Whether it is award-winning videos, groundbreaking virtual reality experiences, or live presentations, he has guided his clients to effectively communicate with target audiences that showcases the client’s brand. Certified as a Executive and Organization Coach through New York University, David has helped clients to recognize that executive leadership means empowering others to be innovators and collaborators.

Drawn to volunteer work and community service, each year David writes and directs a short play to raise funds for a nonprofit organization. In 2020, he took advantage of the “COVID time out” to coach a resident of the NY State Department of Corrections to prepare for his parole hearing and ultimately make it home for his first Thanksgiving in 26 years

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