Meet Christina Helena

Since her early career, Christina knows how to add a creative spin to her communication style. One of her first clients asked her to create a presentation for young people interested in art, music, and skate culture. Rising to the challenge, Christina took the risk of beatboxing and rapping her speech. The client loved it, and she earned a promotion for her out-of-the-box approach.

Christina’s commitment to activating professional’s potential brought her to Own The Room. She loves the global, eclectic, and multilingual nature of the program and believes that at its core, the coaching works because all of the coaches care. With a Masters of Philosophy and a Masters of Classical Performance and English Literature, Christina has merged her studies and utilized her communication prowess as a corporate trainer, facilitator, and speaker in the automotive, technology, and insurance industries. Working with Toyota, Lexus, Panasonic, and AIG, she has trained everyone from executives to artists to communicate more effectively. Her work as a speaker reaches far beyond the corporate world as she advocates for mental health, resilience, and personal development through TEDx, Goalcast, the Global Women’s Empowerment Summit, and The Healing Trauma Conference.

Christina showcases her creativity as a writer and performer through her autobiographical solo show, SCAR, which is currently in development for an off-Broadway production. When Christina is not helping professionals achieve their communication goals, she enjoys the adventure of white-water rafting. Her most recent trip was down the Zambezi River of Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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