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Meet Celine Xiong

Marketing Specialist & Producer

Celine Xiong is the definition of a global citizen. Originally from China, she has studied and worked in Asia, France, and Germany and can easily switch between speaking Chinese, French, and English. It’s that international background that showed her the importance of effective communication — whether you’re from the same city or collaborating across thousands of miles, confidence and connection can turn a broken conversation into a meaningful relationship.

Prior to joining our team, Celine worked at the Consulate of Canada in Shanghai helping Canadian fashion companies enter the Chinese market. She has an impressive background working with international luxury brands, having served as a Client Consultant at Cartier in Strasbourg, France, and overseeing retail operations and sales for Burberry in Shanghai. Celine holds a Masters in Marketing from the EM Strasbourg Business School and a Bachelor’s degree in e-commerce from the Shanghai University of International Business and Economics. She also participated in a yearlong exchange program in France with IDRAC Business School.

When she is not organizing events and bringing people of all backgrounds together, Celine enjoys playing a variety of sports. A former badminton player and cheerleader, she now practices yoga, diving, and Judo. She lives in Shanghai City and looks forward to her next trip to a new international destination!


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