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Meet Barry Jameson

Whether coaching clients or presenting at international conferences, Barry Jameson knows firsthand the power of strong communication skills. But his work as a Coach goes beyond simply teaching people how to deliver a message — it’s about helping them achieve their big-picture goals. In every setting, from one-on-one sessions in the U.S., to corporate trainings in Asia, Barry’s greatest passion is empowering leaders with the tools they need to change their lives.

Barry brings over 16 years experience in business and corporate training to the Own The Room team. In addition to working as one of our world-class Coaches, he also serves as the National Corporate Pre-sales Manager with Wall Street English China. He previously worked as a Corporate Training Team Manager and as the National Service Director for the company’s Innovative Learning Team. Prior to joining Own The Room, Barry held roles as an InCorporate Trainer with Target Training GmbH in Germany and as a Corporate English Trainer for Pearson English Business Solutions in Shanghai.

He’s delivered training for clients in America, Europe and Asia across a range of industries, including tech, pharma, healthcare, sales, finance, retail, and entertainment. Barry regularly uses the ADDIE, DMAIC, Kirkpatrick, and TGROW models and will receive certifications in Lean and Six Sigma in mid-2019. For the past six years, he’s also volunteered his time as a Mentor for the International Teacher Development Institute ( When Barry is not working, he likes seeking creative ways to recharge; on a recent break between trainings, he spent time in a Buddhist temple retreat in the mountains of Korea.


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