Meet Austin Walker

Austin empowers individuals to attain their aspirations and reach their lifelong dreams. Using effective communication and organization skills, he works to create new possibilities with individuals to support their journey to live life on purpose. Austin’s objective is to instill meaning and purpose in the lives of individuals and help them achieve their goals while having fun and feeling fully empowered through possibility.

As the Founder of RAW Coaching and a Global top sales achiever at Gartner, Austin knows how to work effectively and efficiently when helping others convey the right words to win over their audience. Austin believes that no matter how good an individual might be at communicating, they still must polish their skills in order to continue to improve. For many years, people complimented Austin on his speaking abilities, but it wasn’t until he received proper training that he reached his new apex and a deeper level of connection with his audience.

As an active cornhole enthusiast and an avid traveler, Austin loves to try new things as he explores the world. He loves football and was a college football player for the University of Maryland. In his spare time, Austin co-hosts his podcast Purpenthicity, where he helps even more individuals find their personal success through purpose identification.

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