SALES Training Program

Sales Hike

With An Emphasis On Meaningful Consultative Selling & Finely Tuned Support Systems, This Course Will Take Fresh Salespeople From Novice To Knowing.

LifeHikes’ immersive and metrics-driven learning journey is a highly impactful program developed by top sales leaders based on the most of-the-moment, relevant, effective and client-focused strategies that will give you the tools you need to grow your business.

Training Sessions Breakdown

Benchmark & Seller Challenge

Complete your Benchmark and learn the balance of the three keys to selling success (systems, relationships, numbers). 

Prep & Lead With Insight

Learn the important foundational elements of strong preparation. Learn, practice, and refine opening skills.

Opening With Insight & Consultative Selling

Engage in the magic of real consultative selling by learning the secrets of setting aside our agenda in order to see your client authentically and serve them as a trusted advisor.

Elevator Pitch

Transform generic pitches into captivating elevator pitches that will stick with your audience.

Shark Tank

Refine your elevator pitching skills even further through a friendly Shark Tank style competition. Use dial testing to offer feedback to other participants and in turn, understand the skills and concepts even more.

Conversation Structures & Overcoming Objections

Confront and overcome the fear of objections by learning reliable techniques to appropriately respond to objections as they arise in conversations.

Handling Rejection

Learn to develop a positive ”growth mindset” as a seller and shift your thinking from being fearful of rejection to embracing it as a growth opportunity.   

Closing & Securing Commitment

Understand the differences among various types and flavors of asks. Learn to create strong closings that will set you up for commitment to some type of next step.

Skill Integration Through Role Play

Refine and combine all skills into a cohesive, integrated full suite of sales skills.


Refine and combine all skills into a cohesive, integrated full suite of sales skills.

What's Included in Sales Hike

Learning Outcomes

Trusted Voices

“I was completely absorbed in the Hike program! The speed, accountability, and exposure of the interactions spurred faster learning. I really enjoyed being paired with others so we could learn from each other’s growth and insights. The optional homework in between sessions was helpful to get additional repetitions with no time pressure.”
Manager, Global Industry Learning Portfolio, IBM