Sales Gateway Hike

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The Sales Gateway Hike is an introductory course intended for new salespeople and individuals related to sales, so they can learn and practice the fundamentals of competent selling, including building strong connections with clients, listening actively, handling rejection and closing.

10, 90-Minute Virtual Sessions


You will familiarize yourself with the LifeHikes® Mobile App and complete Benchmark; an objective skill assessment measuring the key 13 dimensions of selling excellence.

Sales Presentation

You will reflect on the foundational elements of strong preparation and presentation. Then we will structure a meaningful, client-oriented conversation that delivers valuable information such as industry trends or relevant statistics and insights, followed by a description of products or services in terms of how their features can benefit clients.

The Elevator Pitch

You will master the system behind executing an elevator pitch. You will craft a persuasive pitch that you can rely on when trying to engage your prospect. This is a sampler introduction to the whole program because you will learn about the complete sales cycle in a one-minute condensed speech.

Consultative Selling

You will learn to set aside your selling agenda and actively listen to your client’s needs. By showing you really care, you will become trusted advisors who will collaboratively find the most adequate solutions for the client.

Mindsets & Systems

You will discuss some mindsets that will help you in your sales journey. You will evaluate your personal system and habits to become 5% better every time you sell.

Handle Objections

You will develop skills to graciously address objections that may arise after presenting your product or service to a prospect, however skeptic or hostile they may be. You will take the collaborative instead of the defensive approach after a hard question or objection is thrown at you.

Embrace Rejection

You will reflect on how rejection is just as much a part of selling as closing the deal. You will focus on the perspectives and mindsets that long term successful sellers foster in order to protect their well-being even in tough times. You will develop scientifically backed desensitization techniques that help reframe rejection as opportunity.

Pre-Close & Closing Options

You will cover and practice all the types of asks a seller should know, and build up to a well-timed, proportionate, and appropriate ask for every client or prospect. You will practice seeking commitment and get the habit of always being closing something.

Build Strong Rapport

You will use the “seven second rule” to your favor: the first impression and personal connection is set in that short time. You will develop techniques that range from a confident handshake, fist bump or eye contact to a series of questions or sentences that bring about immediate connection with the client/prospect.


Summit is your final assessment to see how far you’ve come over the course of the Hike. You’ll be scored on the same skill dimensions that made up your Benchmark score to provide a direct comparison.

The LifeHikes Learning Difference is Clear

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Human and tech driven learning

Every Hike includes multiple training sessions led by a world-class Coach. Our mobile application, LifeHikes, seamlessly integrates into the live sessions to provide instant quantitative feedback and additional learning resources. 

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The Hike features team-based learning to foster peer accountability and collaboration (and increase the fun factor through a bit of friendly competition!). 

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Measurable impact

The Hike begins with a pre-assessment called a Benchmark to identify your current skill level. At the end of the Hike, you complete a final assessment called a Summit to quantify how much progress you have made.

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Practice makes permanent. Between stages, participants complete homework exercises in LifeHikes to practice the techniques they learn — and earn steps along the way.