Communication Gateway Hike

Experience The Impact

The famous Own The Room experience. No matter your job function, seniority level, or industry, clear and convincing communication is fundamental to success. We teach you the skills to say more with less words, tell powerful stories, engage an audience, stretch your voice and be memorable. Using the LifeHikes® Mobile App, the Communication Gateway Hike begins and ends with rigorous, science-based assessments to quantify your skill growth and show you concrete improvement. Participants go from: “I  think I’m getting better” to “I can see myself getting better… and the hard data bears it out.

10, 90-Minute Virtual Sessions

Benchmark and Virtual Crash Course 

Complete your Benchmark and learn tips on how to improve your virtual presence.

Tell Captivating Stories

Transform any presentation, meeting, or phone call into a captivating journey that builds trust, increases connection, and keeps your listener engaged from start-to-finish.

Connect First ​

Master the magic formula to gain respect, forge stronger relationships, and increase your influence during any meeting or presentation, at any stage in your career.

Engage Your Audience 

Discover expert strategies to guarantee audience participation, create conversation, and drive results.

Executive Presence 

Learn a foolproof method for increasing awareness of — and eliminating — weak language from your vocabulary and discover a framework to speak more concisely and increase the impact of your words.

Open & Close With Purpose 

Learn to hook your listeners, establish credibility, and craft a captivating story that captures attention and inspires follow-through.

Be Memorable 

Discover how to spark curiosity and hold attention by turning passive listeners into active participants every time you speak.

Two Minute Talk® 

Integrate your learnings into a final Two Minute Talk®.

Dynamic Delivery 

Learn to captivate and influence your audience by stretching your voice, changing your tone, and shifting your movement in subtle but powerful ways.


Complete your Summit and reflect on the Hike experience with your fellow learners.

The LifeHikes Learning Difference is Clear

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Human and tech driven learning

Every Hike includes multiple training sessions led by a world-class Coach. Our mobile application, LifeHikes, seamlessly integrates into the live sessions to provide instant quantitative feedback and additional learning resources. 

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The Hike features team-based learning to foster peer accountability and collaboration (and increase the fun factor through a bit of friendly competition!). 

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Measurable impact

The Hike begins with a pre-assessment called a Benchmark to identify your current skill level. At the end of the Hike, you complete a final assessment called a Summit to quantify how much progress you have made.

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Practice makes permanent. Between stages, participants complete homework exercises in LifeHikes to practice the techniques they learn — and earn steps along the way.