Welcome To your LifeHikes® Loop

This year, you can expect to be challenged during a one-on-one coaching session, enlightened by your LifeHikes app communication scores, and empowered to reach your full potential. Consider this your learning GPS as you embark on a career-changing experience. Have fun!

A Look At The Loop

An Educational Experience That Lasts a Lifetime​

Loops are a combination of Own The Room Hikes, 1:1 coaching sessions, Campfires, and additional learning components that are put together to maximize your results in the skills you need most. 

Do you find yourself and colleagues talking constantly but not really saying much? Do your meetings often lag and drag? Do you have important messages to communicate but struggle with memorable delivery? Strong communicators are the masters of any thriving business, but strong communication is not an easy skill to master! Own The Room Hike 6 is a transformative learning experience developed by leaders in communications and business to develop you not only as a speaker but as a listener and collaborator as well. We will develop your skills from dull to dynamic, from cold to captivating, from generic to genuine. This  immersive and metrics-driven learning journey  is a  highly impactful program that will  give you the tools you need to work and speak effectively.  You’ll be coached live via Zoom video conferencing software by an LifeHikes Coach. 

Capitalize on your natural curiosity and engage in your own intellect with a LifeHikes campfire! When you gather around a campfire with fellow Hikers, you will begin a multi-week journey of true illumination. Through a Hiker-led learning experience focused on engaging with the buzziest content in business and personal development books, you will be able to blaze your own development trail. Each campfire will provide you with the chance to moderate your own deep discussions, engage in self-reflection through journaling, receive exclusive content directly from leading authors and thinkers, and develop yourself in a collaborative setting. 

Who knew being a strong manager was such a juggling act? Well chances  are,  you do! We’re here to help you never drop the ball. Become a  master of management  by strengthening your communication  skills,  improving your  relationships,  and creating a  system  to optimize your time and your team. LifeHikes’ Manager Hike will equip entry and mid-level managers with the skills, strategies, and systems  you  need to thrive in  your  role. Our emphasis on  developing strong personal mindsets and solid team culture primes  you  to get results . LifeHikes’  immersive and metrics-driven learning journey is a highly impactful program developed by top  management  leaders based on the most of-the-moment, relevant, effective and  growth-focused strategies that will give you the tools you need to grow your business, your team, and yourself. You’ll be coached live via Zoom video conferencing software by a  LifeHikes  Coach. 

Everything is sales – selling goods, selling services, selling an idea, selling your personality. LifeHikes  knows persuasion and rapid rapport building are important but  challenging  skills  to master.  With an emphasis on  meaningful  consultative selling and finely tuned support systems, this course will take fresh salespeople from novice to knowing.  This immersive and metrics-driven learning journey is a  highly impactful program  developed by top sales leaders based on the most of-the-moment, relevant, effective  and client-focused  strategies that will  give you the tools you need to grow your business.   You’ll be coached live via Zoom video conferencing software by a LifeHikes Coach.  

It’s impossible to hike up a mountain with no trail guide! LifeHikes’ 1:1 coaching offers you the personalized support you need to reach new heights in communications, management, sales, and much more. We offer a variety of coaching cadences and have a wealth of experience that we draw upon to help guide you towards achieving your goals. Whether you’re looking to strengthen and perfect existing skills or to develop yourself in entirely new dimensions, we will build you a step-by-step trail personalized to you and support you at every turn.  

Virtual, live, 90-minute sessions with other professionals from around the world! You interact and learn with our world-class coaches, gaining immediate and actionable skills. You get to choose from over 25 different sessions that cover skills in communication, sales, leadership and presenting. 

Calendar For The Year Ahead

1-1 Coaching & Campfire Scheduling

1-1 Coaching

You have the opportunity to continue your growth in a one-on-one environment with the LifeHikes Coach of your choice. Enjoy the flexibility of scheduling your sessions at your convenience. This is your time to be coached on your unique goals.

1-1 Coaching Scheduling System Coming Soon!

Campfire Book Club

For our January 2022 Series, you may select one of the following best-selling books:

“Think Again” by Adam Grant

“Radical Candor” by Kim Scott

“Rebel Talent” by Francesca Gino (HBS Professor).

Instructions for how to select your Campfire book and join a team of Hikers will be coming soon!


Most frequent questions and answers

The Loop is a curated, year-long learning journey designed to develop skills in the areas of Communication, Leadership and Management, and Sales through interactive, unforgettable learning experiences. 

Attendance is mandatory for all Hikes and Campfires you are registered for – you will not be able to reschedule or attend another session.

LifeHikes® a mobile application that combines instructor-led virtual training with human-centered learning technology, to assist professionals in the development of their presentation and communication skills. 
When combined with the Loop, the LifeHikes app is your gateway to program information, resources, assessments, and all your recorded content in one place!  
As your Coaches lead you through your trainings sessions, the app will integratour powerful video and AI-enabled technology throughout the training. Mixed in with face-to-face activities, you will spend moments in the app, recording certain exercises and measuring your skills for real-time feedback. Professional Training Assessment Scorers will provide objective ratings on your before-and-after skill level so you can see your growth over time.   
Revisit the app at any time to reinforce what you learned with structured virtual training lessons and a practice feature. 

Have a question not answered above? Contact support@lifehikes.com