The LifeHikes Loop

Your Guided Path To Lifelong Growth 

Why The Loop

The LifeHikes Loop is the solution to the problem of “one and done” training that never seems to yield real growth or improved results.

Just like you wouldn’t go to the gym for one day and think that you’ll be fit for the entire year, you can’t just attend one training and expect to exponentially grow professionally.

We’ve built a year-long learning journey for high-growth professionals across multiple verticals —communications, leadership, sales, and life skills to help you master the most important competencies for your professional and personal life.

An Unforgettable Learning Experience That Lasts A Lifetime

Through coaching thousands of individuals from the world’s top companies, we discovered that the magic formula to actually achieve growth is a combination of consistent training, relevant content, personal coaching, and inspiring community. 

You’re investing in more than training, you’re investing in growth.

What's Included In The Loop?

A Major is a 10-week, virtual training program. For 10 weeks in a row, you will meet live, every Wednesday, from 12:00 – 1:30 PM. 

You are able to select which major you want to participate in based on your personal goals. During the year, you will participate in 2 different majors. 

Major Options: 

Own The Room Communications Hike 6 – A transformative learning experience to develop you not only as a speaker but as a listener and collaborator as well. We will develop your communication skills from dull to dynamic, from cold to captivating, from generic to genuine.

Manager Gateway Hike – Strengthen your communication and relationships with peers, bosses, and direct reports, improve the systems of your organization, and learn how to motivate and develop your team to improve productivity.

Sales Gateway Hike – The power of persuasion and rapid rapport building are important but challenging skills to master. With an emphasis on meaningful consultative selling and finely tuned support systems, this program will take fresh salespeople from novice to knowing.

Leadership Path – Become the leader, the teacher, the mentor, the coach, that you want to be. We will help you sharpen your vision as a leader, hone your ability to motivate, and build a bias for meaningful action.

Your choice of a 4-week campfire or a 4-week virtual training.

Campfire: A Hiker-led learning experience focused on business and personal development books. Each campfire  will provide  you  with the chance  to moderate  your  own deep discussions, engage in self-reflection through journaling, receive exclusive content directly from leading authors and thinkers, and develop  yourself  in a collaborative  setting. 

Virtual Training: Learn live with a LifeHikes Coach and other professionals – you will have the opportunity to grow your skills in communication, sales or leadership.

It’s impossible to hike up a mountain with no trail guide! LifeHikes’ 1:1 coaching offers you the personalized support you need to reach new heights in communications, management, sales, and much more.

We offer a variety of coaching cadences and have a wealth of experience that we draw upon to help guide you towards achieving your goals. Whether you’re looking to strengthen and perfect existing skills or to develop yourself in entirely new dimensions, we will build you a step-by-step trail personalized to you and support you at every turn. 

Meet our world-class Coaches you could personally work with! 

*Valued at $710/hour

Throughout the year, LifeHikes offers several optional events like 90-minute training sessions and LifeHikes Week keynotes to expand your skills in areas of your choosing.

At the end of 2022, we return to “basecamp” to celebrate and reflect on what we learned, think about where we are in our careers and life, and map out our plan for the coming year. 

Our proprietary LifeHikes Mobile app integrates with your loop to provide an elevated learning experience backed by technology. Interact with coaches, see progress, access bonus lessons and view materials from anywhere.

Visualize The Loop Model

Research shows that within one hour, people will have forgotten an average of 50% of new information learned. Within 24 hours, they have forgotten an average of 70% of information, and within a week, 90%! 

No matter how much money you invest into training and development, if it is not reinforced and practiced, nearly everything you teach to your employees will be forgotten.

Register For A Loop

Half Loop

$ 495 per person
  • 1 Major Program
  • 1 Minor Program
  • One-hour of 1:1 Coaching
  • Multiple Electives
  • LifeHikes Platform

Full Loop

$ 995 pp/per year
  • 2 Major Programs
  • 2 Minor Programs
  • 2, One-hour 1:1 Coaching Sessions
  • Multiple Electives
  • LifeHikes Platform

The next Loop begins in September 2022


Trusted Voices

"The reason why the instructions on the shampoo bottle say "rinse and repeat" is because once, is never good enough. And this too is true if one is seeking mastery of a skill. The beauty of The Loop is that it enables the participant to continuously layer upon layer and build new dimensions of learning. The multi-modality approach helps folks gain fresh insight into the content from different angles increasing the "stickiness" of the newly acquired competency.”
Head of L&D
Tech company with 5,000+ employees
"Decades in the Navy taught me the value of team learning, where members of the team kept each other engaged and accountable. Few learning experiences can match the value of peer feedback, the Loop offers all of this and more!"
Admiral Bill Moran
Retired Four-Star Navy Officer
"The Loop gives me something to look forward to, a different more engaging way to up my game!"
Cherita McIntye
"I am putting teams into The Loop because I need them to grow together with the company!"
Zhenguo Yao
CEO, Siemens Energy China