Meet Vuyanzi Rodman

Vuyanzi is a TEDx speaker and author of four books, two of which were best-sellers. 

Her work experience is based on her education. In the United States, she began her career as a middle school teacher. She went on to work as an adult educator and corporate trainer. She has worked as a trainer in a variety of industries, including publishing, finance, healthcare, and information technology. Vuyanzi has also been taught how to conduct powerful inquiries, EQ (Emotional Intelligence), Neurolinguistic Programming, and PQ (Positive Intelligence). 

Vuyanzi enjoys coaching because she gets to see and participate in the transformation of other people’s lives. It brings her joy to read numerous testimonials about how clients are able to show up in power and purpose after working with her. Vuyanzi has assisted her clients in starting their own businesses, obtaining promotions, doubling their income, and more.