Meet Terry Timm

Terry loves to help people bring their best selves not only to their work, but also their relationships and other dimensions of life. His background in music, education, leadership, and theology is what fuels his passion to empower others. At LifeHikes, Terry helps people discover and claim their authentic voice, believing that every person is unique and unrepeatable.  

Terry is a published author (“A Movable Feast”) and has a doctorate in leadership and teamwork. He has served clients in a variety of fields, including Argo AI, Westinghouse, Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation, World Vision, Compassion International, and academic institutions.  

Through education and community development work in Uganda, Terry is committed to alleviating global poverty. He is a trained percussionist and plays everything from classical music to classic rock. He had a chance encounter with legendary Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters guitarist Dave Grohl that led him on a life-changing, musical pilgrimage to Nashville, Austin, Liverpool, London, Paris, and Dublin.