Meet Solangel Corpeno

With her engaging and interactive coaching style, Solangel is an explosive combination of entrepreneurship, stage and movie acting, education, and storytelling. While she still gets nervous prior to a talk or lecture, she converts this energy into fuel for a strong delivery, ensuring that every message may provoke action and reflection.  

Having worked in IT, business process outsourcing, and higher education, Solangel has accumulated 20 years of experience coaching and teaching adults. She has facilitated courses in continuous education programs across universities of different countries and languages. She applies active learning methodologies and andragogy to her practices. Additionally, for over two decades Solangel has served as Volunteer and Board Member at SOLIDARIDAD, a non-profit organization in Honduras, whose goal is to dramatically improve the lives of children facing malnutrition and their families. 

As an actor and musical theater lover, Solangel has a passion for performance. Since 2018, she has been doing stand-up comedy, in her hometown, Tegucigalpa.  

Areas of Expertise

Communication, Soft skills, Sales, Intercultural Management

Region & Fluent Languages

LATAM | Spanish, English, and Portuguese


"Sol was dynamic and engaging. She was great with the group and so positive. Thank you, Sol."