Meet Santa Victorio

Santa’s love for communication ignited at age 13 when she joined the speech and debate team. Not only did this experience give her the confidence she needed to overcome years of being bullied as a kid, but it was the catalyst for many accomplishments throughout her life.

In university, Santa went on to become the President of her school’s Toastmasters club, the Assistant to an International Motivational Speaker, and a recipient of the Stephan Brophy scholarship for her excellence in communication. Before coaching with LifeHikes®, Santa worked as a Sales Professional where she earned $1.3M in revenue during her first year. This placed her in the top 5% of performers in her industry.

Outside of coaching with LifeHikes, Santa coaches and speaks on communications and sales to an array of professionals including Executives at Fortune 500 companies, Founders at innovative startups, and Owners of small businesses. She feels honored to lead her clients through the professional and personal transformation that communication coaching offers.