Meet Robert Movradinov

Robert Movradinov sales coaching

A multicultural coach, Robert most relishes connecting with people diverse in age, personal and professional backgrounds and helping them draw their messages to the fore. At ease in the spotlight, he enjoys storytelling, singing, and the rush that comes from public speaking. The more passionate he feels about a topic, the more his hands reveal.

Over the course of 20 years in New York and California, Robert has marketed music to U.S. consumers (Columbia House), financial services to United Nations employees (UNFCU), and bilingual education to Bay Area parents and students (French American International School), always highlighting what sets his product apart and empathizing with his customers.

Fluent in both Spanish and French, Robert lives in Oakland, CA. There, you can find Robert cooking a savory meal, riding his bicycle uphill, or hiking hand-in-hand with his forever honey.