Meet Nathan Swan

For Nathan Swan, his key motivation as a Coach lies in the results — he loves seeing people convey themselves with relaxed confidence when they speak. For him, coaching at LifeHikes resonates perfectly with the core of his personality and style, providing the perfect combination of achieving serious results through a culture of silliness and fun activities.  

Over the years, Nathan has garnered a multitude of experience with coaching and public speaking. Through his 5 years as a Public Speaking Coach with Magnetic Speaking in San Francisco, he has worked with executives from top companies, such as Visa, Apple, Evernote & Dropbox. His experience with public speaking extends beyond his professional journey – he was president of Toastmasters during his time at Westminster College, and has even won multiple national awards in debate. In 2013, his speech on perception was also featured in the Huffington Post.  

Beyond coaching, Nathan is an avid traveler. He has ventured to 24 countries, including spending a summer backpacking across Europe. When he is not exploring, Nathan enjoys time spent indoors with friends and family – he is known to host outstanding dinner parties, especially complemented by his signature chocolate lava cake.